Surgeon Testimonials

Robert F. Centeno M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S.
Joined Sono Bello in 2021 / Norfolk, VA

Originally, my intent was to partner with Sono Bello while transitioning to independent practice. The flexibility in scheduling, attractive compensation, and liberal contractual obligations were appealing value propositions. Upon completing further due diligence, I became more intrigued by the model of care and the leadership team’s vision for the future. Every day brings new opportunities to further develop deep clinical expertise, to transform our patients’ lives, and to partner with some of the best managers in the Aesthetic Surgery Industry. Experience has taught me that opportunities where your personal mission closely aligns with the vision of a high-functioning organization are uncommon. The opportunity to be part of a team destined to transform our specialty was too attractive to pass up!

Robert Centeno, MD<br>Medical Director

Robert F. Centeno M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S.

Norfolk, VA
Joined Sono Bello in 2021

Patrick Schaner, MD<br>Medical Director

Patrick Schaner, MD
San Antonio, TX
Joined Sono Bello in 2020

Patrick Schaner, MD
Joined Sono Bello in 2020 / San Antonio, TX

Sono Bello has been a game changer for me. I traded the stress, financial burden, and uncertainties of private practice for the chance to be a part of the world’s largest aesthetics practice. I have enhanced my contouring skills tremendously while transforming lives on a daily basis. I recently joined the ranks of the medical leadership team which will promote further professional growth. My home clinic in San Antonio feels like family and that is why I have made Sono Bello my forever home. I only wish that I had done it sooner.

Victor J. Atun, MD
Joined Sono Bello in 2016 / Houston, TX

I joined Sono Bello in 2016 as a part time surgeon, while I was running my own private practice in Sugar Land, Texas. I committed myself to do Liposuction under local anesthesia 2 days a week and work in my practice 4 days a week. As years passed and my experience and relationship with this company got stronger, I realized I was happier the days I was at Sono Bello.
I was exhausted from dealing with the headaches that comes with running your own medical practice. I realized I was working to keep the office open, not to benefit myself or my family.
I wanted more of life than my name on my office door - I wanted freedom. Finally, on July 2021, I decided to close my office and dedicate my full attention to working full time at Sono Bello. Now, with my private practice closed, I find myself doing more surgeries a week, traveling more, being happier overall and having more spare time to pursue my hobbies.
I don’t work weekends anymore and I am not on call for any hospital, ever! I no longer work about payroll, rent or how to pay the laser machine. Financially, I make more money a month that I ever made in my own practice, without the hassle and the worries. More important than that, every time I needed help or support from Sonobello, I got it. I feel they “got my back” and they will be there in the future if I need them to stand up for me. Joining Sonobello was the most difficult and also the best decision I ever made in my life. It actually, gave me my life back.

Victor Atun, MD<BR>Physician Recruitment Director

Victor J. Atun, MD
Houston, TX
Joined Sono Bello in 2016

Marco Sobrino, MD<br>Medical Director

Marco Antonio Sobrino, MD, FACS
Bellevue, WA
Joined Sono Bello in 2009

Marco Antonio Sobrino, MD, FACS
Joined Sono Bello in 2009 / Bellevue, WA

I am a board-certified surgeon and have practiced for 4 years as a General Surgeon in a small community. Financially, my renumeration was sufficient but socially, a work and life balance wasn’t there. I had to be on-call every other week and the small town where I practiced did not provide with the entertainment or education I desired for my wife and children.
In 2008, I took a hands-on course with Jeffrey Klein and learned how to perform liposuction. From that experience, my interest in cosmetic surgery was peaked and I decided to pursue a fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery. After my fellowship in 2009, I was happy to join Sono Bello and become a full-time surgeon in Bellevue, Washington.
From the very start, the practice has been very busy. I was able rapidly accumulate cases and become an industry expert in the field, performing over 5,000 liposuction cases.
Sono Bello has provided me since with a significant balance in my life. I feel supported in my day-to-day tasks and surgical schedule as Sono Bello provides a positive and comprehensive leadership team within each of the centers. The schedule management is allowing me to enjoy more time with family and friends and additionally has brought financial stability with the opportunity to live in a beautiful city.
The company has significantly evolved with time and has solidified as the most important cosmetic group in the nation. I am very proud to become part of the medical leadership group and I embrace the challenge to help other surgeons to become better on what we do. I love the opportunity to contribute with the growth of our company.

Kim Jones, MD
Joined Sono Bello in 2021 / Raleigh, NC

I take great pride in my opportunity to be an employee and ambassador for Sono Bello. Sono Bello embodies all of the aspects one would look for when pursuing a meaningful career as part of a large team, while also allowing for personal and professional growth. Given the responsibilities involved with being a physician/surgeon, the balance between life and work is vital for success with both; Sono Bello understands and encourages that. With some level of control in regards to number of cases performed in a given day or week, I am afforded the opportunity to work and provide very well for my family without missing any important milestones or bedtime stories at home. That same flexibility allows ample time to focus on caring for my patients and hone my skill as a surgeon without pressures of a revolving door quota to meet overhead. I also enjoy the security of working with a very well-established practice which has spent years perfecting the established systems that are in place and proven successful.  I am proud to be a part of the Sono Bello team and look forward to the new opportunities and exciting challenges to come.

Kimberly Jones, MD<br>Physician Recruitment Director

Kim Jones, MD
Raleigh, NC
Joined Sono Bello in 2021

Todd Morton, MD<br>Medical Director

Todd Morton, MD
Denver, CO
Joined Sono Bello in 2016

Todd Morton, MD
Joined Sono Bello in 2016 / Denver, CO

A SonoBello career affords one the ultimate flexibility in the practice of their professional skill set. This opportunity comes without the burdens of ownership and management of an aesthetic professional practice. Our practice model supports the clinician with an experienced, sophisticated, mature and effective sales division. The clinical support division is comprehensive pre and post operatively, permitting the surgeon a constantly adjustable schedule to expand and contract to changing needs of family, lifestyle and other professional obligations.
SonoBello is a proven established professional organization that has been the standard for others to mimic and compare. The organization is on secure, sound footing and embraces growth as a goal. We are the marketplace leader, not only in market share but also clinical institutional knowledge. Our average clinician will perform more contouring procedure in a day than many community aesthetic providers will perform in a month. The opportunity of clinical mastery becomes an expectation.
As the organization expands and grows, so do the opportunities for professional career and leadership development. The opportunity to foster professional development of others as well as honing leadership skill for those inclined, exists and is increasing with time.
Compensation is productivity based and more than fair. Benefits and other components of professional compensation are also expanding to continue attracting the most desirable professional staff available.

Keith Saxon, MD
Joined Sono Bello in 2015 / Overland Park, KS

Since deciding that I would be a surgeon well before medical school I’ve always thought that the ideal surgery practice would be one full-time in the operating room without distractions, with happy patients, and with instant gratification from the cases performed. Having worked in private, corporate, federal and academic practices I can say that being a full-time surgeon at Sonobello for the last 6 years is as close to that ideal as I’ve ever come.

The opportunity to pursue the level of expertise available only in a high-volume focused practice is matched by the lack of distraction of marketing and the steady stream of pre-qualified patients quite divergent in body type, age, and needs.

I’ve never been good at controlling my work/home life balance. Sonobello gives me a challenging day in the operating room followed by a richer more distraction free life outside the Center.

Keith Saxon, MD<br>Aesthetic Fellowship Director

Keith Saxon, MD
Overland Park, KS
Joined Sono Bello in 2015

Walter Siemian, MD<br>Medical Director

Walter Siemian, MD
Orlando, FL
Joined Sono Bello in 2012

Walter Siemian, MD
Joined Sono Bello in 2012 / Orlando, FL

At Sono Bello you enjoy the strength and stability of a large cosmetic practice with outstanding administrative and marketing support.
Joining like-minded colleagues who strive for the delivery of outstanding patient outcomes is rewarded by development of surgical expertise and constant improvement based on a wealth of experience.