Surgeon Testimonials


Dr. Daisy Ayim
Houston, TX

Dr. Ayim Discusses Benefits to Working at Sono Bello / APPC

“I had been in solo, private practice for nearly 30 years when our family decided to relocate to further my husband’s career. My choices were limited: start another solo practice or look to join a multi-surgeon group as a junior partner. Neither option was appealing. When I came across Sono Bello’s ad for a new clinic in the very city to which we were moving, I consulted with a colleague who had worked for them for years, went to watch him do surgery, and when I was satisfied that this was a legitimate company, I contacted them for an interview. That was in 2015, and I have not looked back: I am happy to relegate the day-to-day operations, scheduling, purchasing, advertising, etc…to someone else, I don’t miss fighting with insurance companies for approvals and payments. Regarding the medical side, I feel I am the final arbiter of whether a patient is a good candidate for the procedure they have been sold and having medical directors as backups is invaluable. Any issues I have had on the administrative side have usually been resolved quickly and fairly. Sono Bello is now my practice and my brand, and I am happy to be a part of it.”


Dr. Michele D. Thiet
Houston, TX


Dr. Laura Holsey
Oklahoma City, OK

“Working at Sono Bello is a dream come true. I am surrounded by an amazing team that makes patient care a priority. I am also able to work with exceptional surgeons in a family like atmosphere. Seeing my patients undergo life changing transformations is the most rewarding part of my medical career.“

“The company affords you the luxury of having a medical practice without the challenges associated to marketing and managing a medical practice. The support staff including the nurses, practice and regional managers are all wonderful to work with. The setup of the practice allows the possibility of striking a work/life balance.”


Dr. John Hsu
Beverly Hills, CA

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Dr. Eduardo Avila
Salt Lake City, UT

“I have been working for Sono Bello for 13 years, full-time. When I moved to Utah in 2009 my plan was to start my own practice. I took a job with Sono Bello while I waited for the economy to improve. While the economy did eventually improve and I could have started my own practice, I decided to keep working for Sono Bello. My decision was based on not having the headaches of running a business. I show up, see patients, operate, and get a nice paycheck. It is so nice to see patients that have gone through the pre-surgery Sono Bello experience and are prepped and ready for surgery. The work environment is also very nice, staff are supportive, and benefits just keep getting better. If you love to operate, work with friendly supportive staff, and have health insurance, 401K contribution options that can be maximized and not deal with the headaches of hiring, firing, branding, marketing, then I would strongly recommend working for Sono Bello. I have not considered working anywhere else even though I have had offers and other opportunities.”

“Being a physician and surgeon begins with helping others. At Sono Bello, surgeons accomplish this through body recontouring, which helps patients by improving their body image, confidence and self-esteem. For the surgeon, this provides personal satisfaction, particularly when a patient returns, perhaps months later to “show-off” their new image, especially when the surgical results have motivated the patient to change their lifestyle and lose even more weight. At Sono Bello, the surgeon is unencumbered by the routine administrative tasks of the typical private practice, and thus is free to focus on what they were trained to do: operate and take care of patients. And the financial rewards are there to be had as well, with many full-time Sono Bello surgeons making $500K or more per year.”


Dr. Brian Strand
Minneapolis, MN